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What is teak?

As a family run company we understand the importance of being responsible. All of our teak furniture is sourced responsibly from fully sustainable indonesian forests.

Only Sustainable Plantation Teak

Teak (Tectona Grandis) is a tall sturdy evergreen tree indigenous to the tropical climate of south eastern Asia. Indonesian teak wood is a dense, coarse, close-grained hardwood.

It naturally contains high levels of resinous oil that act as an insect repellent and this allows teak to be resistant to moisture and the drying affects of weather. No other wood compares to teak for durability, elegance and stability.

In addition to this teak is a low maintenance natural material, making it the ultimate wood for choice for furniture construction. This unique wood is cultivated in immense plantations on the island of Java, Indonesia and is only cut down after decades of growth.

It takes at least 40 years before a teak tree can be felled only then does the wood possess the necessary qualities that make teak the perfect choice for outdoor furniture. Local Government authorities then ensure as many trees are replanted as are felled, so that a natural balance can be preserved and maintained for the environment.

All of our teak products are made using 100% sustainable plantation teak harvested from controlled plantations. We are also part of the Trees 4 Trees program and our furniture comes with the WIN (World Identification Number) hang tag that allows you to track and trace the source of your furniture.

Teak Is Low Maintenance

Caring for teak is very easy and requires very minimal maintenance. We recommend to clean teak with our water based teak cleaner and restorer this is a very simple two stage cleaning system that will deep clean your teak garden furniture from stains and dirt.

Left to weather naturally teak will turn to a silver grey patina appearance, the benefits with teak hardwood is that there is no need for any special treatments such as oil, wood stain or paints. Giving you more time using your furniture rather than maintaining it.

We do however recommend a little maintenance to prolong the life of your teak bench or teak garden furniture.

Along with a light sanding to bring your teak garden bench or teak furniture back to new appearance. When you order your new teak bench or teak dining set with us we will send you care instructions so you can maintain your furniture correctly.

Teak is known as the "King of Hardwood" and with proper use and a regular clean (We Recommend Once A Year) will last for years of enjoyment.

Any one who opts for teak opts for a lifetime of beauty and quality.

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