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Teak Care Guide

Teak is perfect for outside use and weathers naturally to give a nice effect. It's understandable however to keep your teak furniture looking new, free from weathering and natural mould build up.

Prolong The Life Of Your Furniture

Caring for Your Teak Furniture

All of our teak garden furniture and teak garden benches has been manufactured using Teak, a durable timber, naturally rich in oil and resins. Teak hardwood (Tectona Grandis) is a tall sturdy evergreen tree indigenous to the tropical climate of South Eastern Asia. Indonesian teak wood is a dense, coarse, close-grained hardwood and is ideal for outdoor furniture.

It naturally contains high levels of resinous oil that act as an insect repellent and this allows teak to be resistant to moisture and the drying effects of weather. No other wood compares to teak for durability, elegance and stability. In addition to this teak is a low maintenance natural material, making it the ultimate wood for choice for furniture construction.

However due to this teak being a natural product and being exposed to the weather and dirt maintenance is important to keep your teak garden furniture or teak garden bench in prime condition.

Teak Bench Company has put together this teak care guide to help you maintain and prolong the life of your furniture.

Care Steps

  • For brand new furniture dependant on personal tastes, a decision needs to be taken within the first few days of exposure outside on whether or not to treat the timber with any kind of wood finish. If the furniture is left untreated then it will weather naturally resulting silver-grey colour is in style of a traditional English Country Garden, where the furniture blends in with the natural surroundings of the garden.
  • To preserve your teak furniture original colour for longer, it is recommended that a teak protector is used periodically. If the furniture is not new and has been exposed to dirt and the weather you will need to clean your furniture and ensure it is fully dried before you apply the protector to avoid trapping any dirt or moisture underneath the sealant which could cause mould growth. The use of Teak oil can destroy the Teak’s natural protective oils and your furniture will then need to be oiled regularly to keep the furniture suitable for outdoor use whereas teak sealant does not affect the wood’s natural oil and does not have to be used as often.
  • To clean your teak garden furniture we advise you to use a teak cleaner or mild soapy solution and following the grain of the wood use a soft bristle brush/sponge to remove any dirt then followed by a rinse with clean water using a hose pipe or watering can. Allow the furniture to then naturally air dry.
  • After the wood has completely dried and dependant on the age/look you may want to give the furniture a light sanding (Sanding is only needed if the face of the wood feels rough) this will smooth out the surface.
  • Any food or drink spillages should be wiped up as soon as possible to help stop any stains it is recommended to rinse the area with clean water and allow to dry.
Please take note: We DO NOT recommend you use a pressure wash as this may cause damage, splintering and roughen the surface of the wood.Under no circumstances do we recommend to use industrial soaps, detergents, bleach or other abrasive materials on your furniture. These will damage the wood surface and remove the wood’s natural oils and make it more susceptible to staining.
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