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Professional Assembly

Although our DIY benches are very simple to assemble you may not feel up to the task, do not have any tools or would just feel better in knowing it has been done professionally. You may be also ordering the bench as a gift and would like to arrive ready for use.

Let us do the work for you Only £99.00

In this service we make sure the bench is correctly assembled all the mortise and tenon joints are glued with strong bonding wood glue then glue the dowels into place. Finally we let the glue cure before trimming any edges of the dowels and giving the bench a final sanding. A final check is then carried out making sure the bench is satisfactory.

After this your bench will be packaged ready for transport. When choosing this professional assembly service your new bench will be specially delivered by our specialist courier delivery service ensuring your bench safely arrives in perfect condition. Ready for you to enjoy.

You can choose this service when ordering your new bench for only £99.00

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